Abel Hancock

You might see my professional bio around the web but if you ask me in person you may get a more candid response. I am a Boise, Idaho native. I love working with my hands (building bicycles, woodworking, yard work...) and figuring out how to make things work.

I always learn best by doing.

I took classical piano lessons for 9 years and then taught myself to compose & produce music. I have written my own ambient albums as well as scored a film and look forward to when I can spend less time "working" and more time composing.

I have a habit of fully investing in, for better or worse, any project or goal in front of me.

Design has been a hobby of mine since before I knew what a "Designer" was. But over the last 4 years I have fully committed to learning, practicing, and growing as a designer. I think I always have so much more to learn and am excited to keep growing as a designer, musician, creator, and person.

Abel Hancock